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ETS IT Solutions, a respected provider of comprehensive IT solutions for businesses all over Long Island, assigned me as their Marketing Manager between 2020-2021. I had a wide range of responsibilities focused on improving their brand reputation and growing their customer base.

ETS IT Solutions

The process

During my tenure, their website underwent a major overhaul, resulting in improved user experience and a more prominent online presence. By crafting over 50 IT-focused articles, I elevated ETS’s content strategy and positioned them as a thought leader in the industry. Understanding the effectiveness of targeted marketing, I created landing pages that successfully captured potential customers and generated leads. In order to enhance customer engagement, I integrated surveys into Zoho CRM, ensuring that we captured and used every customer interaction to improve our services.

Additionally, I optimized the process of acquiring and keeping clients by implementing innovative techniques like successful drip campaigns and direct mail advertisements. These combined efforts are focused on strengthening ETS IT Solutions’ position in the IT service market.

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The result

ETS IT Solutions witnessed success because of the marketing initiatives undertaken, with positive results. The revamp of the website not only improved user experience, but also boosted the company’s online presence, resulting in a surge of web traffic and longer website session durations. Our content strategy was strengthened by the development of more than 50 IT-focused articles, establishing ETS as a knowledgeable industry authority and improving our SEO rankings. The designed landing pages were key in capturing potential clients, resulting in higher conversion rates. By integrating surveys with Zoho CRM, customer interaction improved and valuable insights were gained to drive service enhancements.

Moreover, the efficient client onboarding and retention strategies, using drip campaigns and direct mail ads, fostered customer relationships and greatly enhanced client retention. Overall, these initiatives resulted in a significant boost in customer engagement, conversion rates, retention, and business expansion.

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