Joseph C. Santiago


I enjoy using my digital marketing knowledge to help small business entrepreneurs get the word out on their services at the best bang for their buck.

When working in a team, my goal is collaborating, sharing, and executing on ideas.

Creating something out of nothing is my passion

A bit More
About Me

I started developing niche websites in 2018; since then have been learning the art of UI, basics of coding, understanding analytical trends, testing out strategic planning, and other humdrum that make digital content amazing.

Besides getting me more digital marketing work, I plan to sell parts of my portfolio as these niche sites mature and use their earnings to fund future projects.

done is better than perfect

passionate Digital Marketer/
Designer/ web Developer.

good to know.

I have a bootstrapping mentality and am focusing on SEO, UI, & the latest digital marketing strategies. As my projects mature, I will invest in SEM.

Early Inspirations.

Created and operated an eBay store, drop shipping store for over two years in high-school & early college.

Created my first website at age 13.


Graduated from SUNY University at Buffalo with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and an Associates Degree in Business & Administration.

Certifications & Awards

Awarded for successfully completing the course “Advanced Google Analytics”.
Awarded for successfully completing the course “Advanced Google Analytics”.


Awarded for successfully completing the course “Google Analytics for Power Users”.

My Hard


Web developer

Used full ‘LAMP’ stack to host websites & ‘NGINX + Apache2 Hybrid’ stack to launch websites.


CMS Management

Used full ‘LAMP’ stack to host websites & ‘NGINX’ stack to launch websites.


SEO / SEM Marketing

Understands both off-page  and on page SEO.


Website Analytics

Uses Analytics from personal projects to verify SEO strategies and current trends.


Adobe CC & Others

Adept enough to edit material, create templates, prank friends with face transfers.


Web Copy Writing

As the average attention span grows shorter, the need for excellent copy grows stronger!


Project Management

Organized, planned, and successfully completed multiple solo projects.

& Soft


Creative Thinker

Built this E-resume site, hoping to display this skill.


Diplomatic Communicator

Graduated at University at Buffalo with a B.A. in Communication.


Curious Researcher

Irreverent Google searches sometimes turn into valuable sources of insight.


Problem Solver

Enjoys the puzzle in solving problems to SEO & IT related issues.


Strategic thinker

Planned projects before implementing resources and wasting time.


Self Motivated

Learning and finishing the project is more fulfilling than the monetary results.


Self Accountable

Self aware of my abilities and will own up to mistakes, learn from them, and ask for help.

even more about me


Some other irrelevant information about myself so you can better understand me as a professional acquaintance or perhaps your future colleague?

DIY Projects

I enjoy building my furniture, PC, sandwiches, or anything a regular folk can put together that.

1st website

When I was 13 years old, I created a myspace page on myfreewebs and it was about called “stoope. ”


One subject is near &  dear to my being is astronomy. My favorite astronomer is Neil deGrasse Tyson.

2022 Goal

Always be working on maintaining that healthy posture — sitting or standing. I also will learn Adobe CC After Effects.

This freelance portfolio includes websites I Manage(d) or design.